Translation Quality

In the translation industry, the three most important quality criteria are accuracy, confidentiality and the respect of due dates. If any of these factors is missing, you cannot talk about providing and receiving high-quality translation services. The translation agency “Rīgas tulki”, using the latest technology and gained experience, makes the translations not only safe, accurate and in a timely manner, but also takes care that   presentation of the translation   looks neat and at maximum consistent with the desired presentation.


The performance niche of “Rīgas tulki” in  working  with technical and complex texts provides and requires that  the clients are kept confidential  which  is  fully guaranteed by our translation agency. The content of the agreements, specifications, annual statements of accounts, decisions, certificates, diplomas and all other texts  under the translation in any circumstances  is not disclosed to the third parties. Starting cooperation with "Rīga tulki”, the clients choose fast, accurate and reliable translation services.


In translating technical or complex texts, the translators quite often are faced with specific terms. Our agency guarantees that these terms will be translated in accordance with the terminology accepted and used in Latvia. If necessary,  the translators   carry out  research  and along with the  brand-new terms also offer  extensive explanations of the latest Latvian  translations that  are timely   coordinated with the order  placer .


The third and not the least important aspect of  the  translation  quality  is the assigned deadlines. The agency "Rīgas tulki" ensures that all the assigned works are completed on time. This is achieved both through the company's internal quality system and a secure and reliable technology available to the agency. Even in the event of a  technical error, our agency is capable to act quickly and competently so that the resulting conditions  do not adversely affect  interests of  the clients.


Finally, presentation is of no less important quality component of the translated documents. Our translation agency is organized in such a way as to ensure high standards of performance not only for interpreting the content but also for appearance of the document. If necessary, the agency has also the potential to attract desktop publishing specialists. In this way it is ensured that even the most complex types of documents which include charts, tables and other illustrative components  after  the translation look just as good or even better than before the start of their translation.